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Michael Buxton also known 1601006547OHD Obsessive Halloween Disorder shirt . as Dino Mike is a young artist based in UK and has his work featured on sites like Threadless , Design by Humans, TeePublic and RedBubble. Dinomike is an illustrator who works within the greeting card industry. He occasionally takes a break from his job to create something in Photoshop. Click the picture above to see more of his designs on his official website. This particular Baymax Soar design, inspired by the BigHero 6 movie won the Big Hero 6 challenge on Threadless. The artist focused on Baymax as a main character and created a realistic design full of color. He even included the number 6 in a smoke pattern that’s left by Baymax.

1601006547OHD Obsessive Halloween Disorder shirt, hoodie, sweater, longsleeve and ladies t-shirt

1601006547OHD Obsessive Halloween Disorder Classic Ladies
Classic Ladies

1601006547OHD Obsessive Halloween Disorder Hoodie

1601006547OHD Obsessive Halloween Disorder Long Sleeve
Long Sleeve

1601006547OHD Obsessive Halloween Disorder Sweatshirt

1601006547OHD Obsessive Halloween Disorder Unisex

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