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How or when did you start aR-15 you can’t fist fight tyranny shirt . I always try to design using defined strokes and a reduced color pallet – the cleaner and simpler, the better. I combine this style with a high sense of realism and always add a kind of Rock (or Hard Rock music) feeling to it.OANA: What tools do you use? Do you go 100% digital or is there paper involved?PAUL: I go 100% digital. First, I start off by sketching on my Wacom tablet in Photoshop and then I make the final process on illustrator.Not really, the only thing that I try to do is to vary the themes that I use to draw, so that I am always innovating. This helps me avoid repetition or the use of popular or common elements of the time. Maybe what I try to avoid the most is the use of too many colors on my works and designs.OANA: What was the hardest job/illustration you have ever worked on?PAUL: Every job has its stalls.

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aR-15 you can’t fist fight tyranny shirt Classic Women's T-shirt
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aR-15 you can’t fist fight tyranny shirt Classic Men's T-shirt
Classic Men’s
Most of the difficulties are along the final details where I try to simplify and clean the designs while adapting them to the number of colors the client disposes or wants aR-15 you can’t fist fight tyranny shirt . Maybe one of the most difficult drawings I had to make is the one with the skeleton grabbing a steering wheel. I had to do a couple of sketches until I finally got to draw the right pose that I actually found realistic.OANA: Can you name some of your favorite designs and why? (personal or from other designers)PAUL: One of my favorite personal works is the one with the vintage motorcycle helmet, with the sunglasses and the number 65 on its side. The typography I chose for this design blends perfectly with the personality I was going for in the drawing.illustrating on a professional level? PAUL: I began working at an advertising agency 10 years ago. At first, I only designed logos for various brands, some of them even had mascots. After that, I began designing and illustrating all kinds of things. I look at a lot of design websites on a regular basis. Some of them include t-shirt designs, illustrations, artists, designers and typography dedicated web sites. I also get really inspired by my passion for motorcycles, race cars and vintage cars, too. I am also a big fan of comics and movies.
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2 reviews for aR-15 you can’t fist fight tyranny shirt

  1. Kim Cooper

    This shirt was a gift for a middle-school boy. It fit nicely, is well-made, and depicts some good clean humor.

  2. Louise Long

    I bought this shirt as a gift for my brother who absolutely loved the shirt. He said the quality of the shirt was just great and felt nice on his skin. He feels like this shirt will lasts him a long time due to great quality of this shirt and looks forward to getting more shirts like this from this seller.

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