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Aww, if you need it Bad Things Happen In Philadelphia shirt . put it on an Amazon list and send me the link. They can’t help that they were born outdoors. My mom had her cat disappear for days. My folks went around town looking for him. Meanwhile, a little girl came to the house with a cat and asks my half-awake dad “Is this your cat?” He said yes, problem solved! Problem was that it wasn’t our cat, the old cat finally came home and now we had two cats. It didn’t even look at all like the old one either lol. Funny thing is the new one was much nicer than the old one. We got him in overnight for a few really cold nights in the winter but he’s pretty happy just hanging out. He’s pretty chunky now so maybe a few more houses are feeding him too! I believe this.

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About 36 hours later I hear him screaming Bad Things Happen In Philadelphia shirt . Scared. I was so mad at him for bolting, he knows better. We slept as we’ve never slept before. A full home and a happy heart and a big old ginger bastard on my chest. We put a Whistle tracker on our indoor/outdoor cat and he definitely has a few places in the neighborhood where he spends most of his time. We got the tracking collar mostly for peace of mind but now that I’m living away from family it makes me really happy to see what he’s doing in real-time. It makes me feel a little less far away! That happened to us! We think the neighbors moved and brought him with them and then he must’ve escaped again. Thankfully he was microchipped he came home and is still living and grumpy as can be lol.There are two cats who love my yard and will spend the whole afternoon sleeping out there some days. I haven’t been seeing them too much lately and I think something happened to the really friendly one because I haven’t seen it in months. The other guy popped up yesterday though and just stared at me when I walked outside and interrupted his nap. This continued for a long time until one of the neighbors’ couples of houses away saw what was going on and told me it is their cat but they had taken a dog and the cat did not want to come in anymore, she did but only very reluctantly. They asked if it was any trouble for me, I said its fine, and I already felt like she was one of mine so they wanted to buy me cat food to feed her, and I continued to let her in.
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