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Big Bob Probert 2 In Your Face Tour shirt .Though it was something to see Simon Porte Jacquemus’s spectacular runway in a French wheatfield all those sweeping aerial drone views and to feel the Besides,I will do this poignant emotion as three young Italian tenors sang live at Dolce & Gabanna’s socially distanced men’s show in Milan, ultimately this season proved that there are so many more options for effective, compelling, and long-lasting ways of capturing what fashion’s all about today. Those who’ve experimented with media to say something genuine and personal during the pandemic Gabriela Hearst’s video of riding with her sister in California and her honest spoken-word statement about sustainability stick in the memory are for certain pointing towards a more open, intelligent, and progressive future for the way we view fashion from now on. There were a couple of digital Fashion Week experiences that added real value to their real-time Fashion Week equivalents.

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  Big Bob Probert 2 In Your Face Tour shirt .A long chat with Walter Van Beirendonck in which he ran through his rationale and showed off his miniature looks was one. Mihara Yasuhiro’s thoughtful and hilarious puppet show was another. Undercover’s 3D look book pointed to the gamification of the fashion-buying business. On the whole, though, my conclusion albeit from the privileged perspective who someone who usually gets to go to physical fashion shows is that while digital assets can be complementary, they will not make real-life fashion shows obsolete anytime soon. Rick Owens’s decision to put himself and Tyrone Dylan Susman in his video lookbook was effective, but as we discussed it over a Zoom pre-stream, it was hard not to lament the missed the real Rick show that this replaced. Also: It was a pity that Miuccia Prada’s last solo collection was reduced to a series of videos that were perfectly fine but inadequate substitutes for what her last show would have represented. There is another country in the Sinosphere that you didn’t mention, and their history with their traditional clothes is similar. I am, of course, referring to Vietnam. When you think of Vietnamese traditional clothing, the first thing that comes to mind is an Ao Dai. The good news is, the Chinese have started to embrace Hanfu recently, which corresponds to China’s rapid rise in the world. You can see a lot more people wearing Hanfu today, and it is acceptable to wear on all occasions. One last thing though. Wearing of hanbok and kimono is still very much a minor thing in Korea and Japan. This is simply because T-shirts and sweatpants are just so easy to wear.
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