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Black mafia family shirt .besteestores The other guys have all explained it pretty well, so I will go more into detail. The Mandalorian Wars were orchestrated by the Sith Emperor in a bid to make the Republic weak for his prepared invasion. If the Mandalorians had won the war, then the Jedi Civil War would have never had happened. However, Vitiate never intended the Mandalorians to win the War. If they had, then when he invaded the Galaxy he would not only have to face the Republic, but the Mandalorians as well (assuming that the Republic still existed). The Mass Shadow Generator would have never been activated, so the Sith Triumvirate would have never existed. Also take into consideration that the Jedi would not have enough power to make much of a difference in the coming Great Galactic War, so, the Mandalorians would have to make use of their bes’kar extensively in order to have a chance of defeating the Sith. I also theorize that another war between the Republic and the Mandalorians would have happened sometime after the Mandalorian Wars, but before the reemergence of the Sith, which, may have actually had the affect that he had intended of the Mandalorian Wars on weakening the Galaxy.

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Black mafia family shirt .besteestores Vitiate’s plans would have been delayed by about three hundred years (which wouldn’t matter much anyway because Revan and Malak’s defiance of Vitiate during the Jedi Civil War caused that anyway). Come to think of it, Vitiate might even have been weak enough to be actually killed. After the novel Star Wars: The Old Republic: Revan, Vitiate was afraid for his life and transferred his consciousness into a voice. Because the novel would have never had happened, when the Jedi (or some other group) tried to take down Vitiate, he may have not been in a voice, so they might have even succeeded, as Revan and the Jedi Exile nearly did the novel. Because the Jedi Order would have been very weak, the Hero of Tython would have probably never joined the order, so Vitiate’s ritual to consume the Galaxy might have actually happened. In any case, the Galaxy would have been changed for a very long time, and the movies may have possibly even been affected to some extent.
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