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Body under construction shirt .Back in the but I will buy this shirt and I will love this early 60’s every Friday , we had to assemble in the Gym and the girls had to kneel while the vice principal had to walk up and down the rows making sure that the hemlines touched the floor. Several of the girls had to wiggle their skirts way down so that the hems were touching the floor. The miniskirt was then acceptable to the school board even though the low riding skirt left the pubic hair exposed. But that was not considered vulgar. I was asked to answer this question so I will give my thoughts. Being who I am I dont find the human body vulger in any of its forms. That being said there is a time and place for different types of clothing and a micro mini skirt could be very inappropriate in certain places and times. I am personally a fan of dress for the occasion. If you wear a Mico mini skirt to the mall on a Saturday afternoon that is inappropriate and could be considered vulgar. Wear the same skirt to the club on Saturday night and it is fine. So as many said thos is more of a personal opinion then a set standard.

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Body under construction shirt .“Vulgarity” is in the but I will buy this shirt and I will love this eye of the beholder, not the person who is wearing the miniskirt. Your own comfort comes first and foremost. On some days, I have worn skirts that were baaaarely below my butt-cheeks, and it felt completely fine, even though I had to be very mindful when sitting down or trying to pick up something from the floor. On other days it would feel like too big of a hassle for me, and then I’d… just wear something else. However, there hasn’t been a single case where I adjusted what I wear to account for someone else’s concept of vulgarity.
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