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I had a teacher Check Or Treat Ugly Christmas shirt . do that to my daughter and she only corrected herself when I started addressing her by the wrong name. Yeah NTA. I mean it seems like is fine. As long as a name is close enough, so your daughter should be fine saying her teacher’s name close enough to what it actually is. Go to the meeting and address both the teacher and the vice-principal by slightly incorrect versions of their names. I had a teacher in preschool whose name was something like Berger and I would call her booger. And that’s how I ended up in speech therapy for many years.

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I had a Miss Amus Check Or Treat Ugly Christmas shirt . It doesn’t take a genius to figure out. What a group of 15-year-olds would call her. Trying again because apparently a word I used was auto-removed. Imagine if the teacher’s name was Mrs. Birch, and your daughter ahem mispronounced it as the other similar word. If her name is Ms. Brown, call her a of unfunny shite. Because those are almost identical. Bit of a niche regional joke but ah sure. I had a lecture class in college where the professor referred to me as Regina all semester. I wasn’t sure who he was talking to at first. But realized after a bit that he meant me. My name is not even close to Regina. It was kind of too late to correct. By the time, I was sure he truly thought my name was Regina. That I just adopted the name as my alter ego and it became a big joke with my friends. And the one paper we had to write in at the very end of the semester I wrote my real name and then added “AKA Regina”. Mystery Regina wasn’t getting my class credit! I had a teacher call me Rebecca all year when my name was Grace. She also “corrected” the spelling of my last name so I learned to spell it wrong.
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