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Costume Trump shirt .Here’s a twist to the besides I will buy this ‘nylon on legs’ story. I was discovered in my mother’s skirt and crinoline not wearing any leg coverings due to my apparent unease while sitting at a friend’s Halloween costume birthday party. My friend’s mother had noticed a flushed face and squirminess and inquired what was wrong. She lifted the hem of my mother’s longish skirt after I’d turned in front of her so she could see the backs of my thighs and saw they were chaffed and raw from sitting on the net crinoline my mother had given me to wear to the party. She had suggested I go dressed as a ‘woman’ ~ not the 10 year old effeminate male I was! Not having a sister ~ she had indicated were I to go to the party in proper fitting girls’ clothes ~ people might wonder why they fit so well and where they might have come from.

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Costume Trump shirt Classic Women's T-shirt
Classic Women’s
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Unisex Sweatshirt
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Unisex Hoodie
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Classic Men’s
  Costume Trump shirt .Long story made short (I wrote about it in another post) she took me to her bedroom and had me remove the besides I will buy this skirt, offending crinoline and my panties (which she said were very pretty) so she could fit me to one of her garter-belts and nylons. When I first started wearing tights and pantyhose, I wore socks so people couldn’t tell. I was outside playing truth or dare with some of my friends. I answered truth every time except once. My friend dared me to pull my pants down and I said no. So I was about to leave when one of my friends pulled my sweatpants down to my ankles . I pulled them up right away , but everyone there saw my suntan pantyhose and my pink panties. Naturally they all laughed at me , so I left. None of the guys there said anything about it to me but the two girls that were there always teased me about it. Eventually I wore pantyhose without socks and didn’t care what people said.
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