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Dabbin Through The Snow Santa Ugly shirt .Thank you, Doug Baldwin, for being a strong Seahawk. So glad that I’ve been able to watch every game while you’ve been a 12. Thank you. Sure gonna miss #3 to #89… best of luck in the future Mr. Baldwin, it has been a pleasure to watch you play, thankfully as a Seahawk! No doubt best player hawks had, and my favorite player, I really wasn’t ready to see him go yet, games are not gonna be the same, I’m going to miss the commentator say and Doug Baldwin with a great 1st down conversation… What a player !!! I really hope you will be back, chill out for a hear get healthy and come back, please!! He will never be recognized by NFL standards for what he contributed to the game.

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  Dabbin Through The Snow Santa Ugly shirt .In my eyes, he is the BEST I’ve ever watched. It has been a thrill to be a Seahawk fan, to be able to watch such a skilled athlete. You will be missed, Doug Baldwin. You will forever be my favorite Seahawk. May the good Lord bless you and your family. Stay healthy and come back to show the newbies all your special gifts as a receiver. Well done. Showcases what most NFL receivers want: the ability to make the defender miss, hands that catch everything, ability to get two feet down while leaping through the air and being hit at the same time by 200 -400 pounds of pure muscle that wants. Don’t you think women would have added it to their panty choices by now??? The soft comfort of panties is amazing to me. Anything this comfortable should be appreciated by all guys. Once any guy tries on a pair of panties, how can they honestly not like the way they feel. Women, if your guy is having this conversation with you, then he has trusted you with the deepest and most personal part of his being, something very precious, and I am happy for you both! Guys are very sensitive about this subject. What guys fear most is being giggled/laughed at, labeled something he is not, or rejected by our girlfriend/wife. It is very important to him, and how hard it is for him to tell you this. He has told you his most personal secret. It shows how much he really trusts and loves you
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