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daddy DeSantis 2024 president shirt .besteestores LaBowe doesn’t hand-embroider each pair anymore, but all are made in Los Angeles (she’ll still make custom pieces, though!). The first launch has four styles: a cactus, an orange poppy, a pink poppy, and a strawberry. LaBowe plans to switch up the Additionally,I will love this embroidery every few months, so each pair is a limited edition, in a way. Also in the cards are unisex boxers, another one of LaBowe’s favorite pieces of clothing. Along with the Additionally,I will love this underwear, LaBowe wanted to create something physical that would align with the brand’s aesthetic—so why not a newspaper featuring a selection of LaBowe’s artist friends? “The theme of the first one is about femininity, the body, self-love, and heartbreak,” she says. The paper features poems, essays, even a labneh tartine recipe from chef Javier Ramos. Featuring an array of esteemed artists, including Devendra Banhart, Ali Mitton, and more, it serves as a look into LaBowe’s world. She describes Poppy Paper as mostly separate from her brand, but those beautiful black-and-white photos makes you want to be the kind of person who wears embroidered white underwear while reading the morning paper. Luckily, everything is available now on the Poppy Undies site.

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daddy DeSantis 2024 president shirt Classic Women's T-shirt
Classic Women’s
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daddy DeSantis 2024 president shirt Unisex Sweatshirt
Unisex Sweatshirt
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Unisex Hoodie
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Classic Men’s
  daddy DeSantis 2024 president shirt .besteestores Long Kawaii nails covered in heart shaped stones, white fluffy kittens, and paper doll-like figurines are just a few of the in addition I really love this surreally hyper-feminine images found in the emerging Hungarian designer Fabian Kis-Juhasz’s first zine. Titled Audition, the project highlights the trans community of her native Hungary. Kis-Juhasz was inspired to highlight the beauty of the trans community in Hungary after the government announced Section 33 in the summer of 2020, which bans transgender people from having their gender identity recognized before the law. Growing up as a gender non-conforming trans person, I never felt like I had a future in Hungary. I didn’t know that there was a community, quite frankly, I didn’t even know what trans meant or that you can transition because it was simply never discussed,” she says. “Coming across a project or a zine like this as a teenager would have changed a lot of things for me. Flipping through Audition, there are flat lays of Kis-Juhasz’s designs as well rich details, such as manicures lit with a flame, an arm covered in ruffled fabrics reaching for a lonely pair of heels and mascara, as well as group shots of the in addition I really love this models seated in vintage theater seats or on stage. The designer makes an appearance with a self-portrait, while wearing a white gown. Paragraphs of text punctuate the zine with commentary on femininity, the body, and clothing.
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