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Defqon1 shirt .besteestores No season presents a greater wardrobe challenge than summer, especially this year. When heat, sun protection, masks, and more are considerations, finding the and I love this perfect look can be tricky—unless it’s already in the back of your closet. Yesterday in Los Angeles while out with her son Pax, Angelina Jolie provided a masterclass on repurposing a favorite piece for warmer weather. The Row’s Martina dress has become one of Jolie’s signature pieces. A longtime fan of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s minimalist label, Jolie regularly steps out in pieces from the duo’s runway. Still, unlike many celebrities, she’s fond of rewearing the items that speak to her. Full sleeved with georgette pleats and an unstructured silhouette, the Martina can be worn in a multitude of ways. Jolie’s preference involves the addition of a tan belt and her statement accessories of the moment. This week that meant gold hoop earrings, a cashmere shawl, and a cream version of Dior’s elegant 30 Montaigne bag. Jolie’s favorite The Row look has proven versatile. She wore it on the streets of Paris while out with godmother Jacqueline Bisset last July, upping the glam factor with the addition of heels and oversized Louis Vuitton sunglasses. In the fall, she kept things casual while out to lunch with her children, pairing it with Salvatore Ferragamo flats and aviators. Yesterday’s outfit was all about 2020’s key pieces: face masks, cozy wraps, and a dress you can wear at least a dozen times. All summer celebrities have been offering their take on how to beat the heat. Whether it’s Chloë Sevigny in an upcycled baby doll from Mimi Prober or Emily Ratajakowski pairing her slip dress with sneakers, the season has focused on carefree white dresses. Jolie’s version proves that once you find the look that suits your style, the concept is appealing all year round. Sophie Turner is undoubtedly going to be a cool mom. The actor—who is expecting her first child with her husband, Joe Jonas—is armed with a casual personal style that’s just as good as her striking red carpet choices. On the streets, the Game of Thrones star has a real penchant for pulling off tricky trends, making denim overalls or socks and sandals feel completely put-together. While Turner hasn’t been out and about a ton since the COVID-19 pandemic began, the few times she has been seen out have proven that she isn’t shedding her fashion identity during her pregnancy.

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Defqon1 shirt .besteestores She has dressed up a crop top and leggings with a blazer, and slipped on cozy streetwear, among other moments. But her latest sighting is especially pleasing to fans of ‘90s rock bands and comfortable clothes alike. Yesterday, Turner and Jonas took a stroll in Los Angeles together, and Turner wore an oversized band tee from Oasis and a mask. She sported an oversized top the and I love this ’90s English rock band known for hits such as “Wonderwall” and “Don’t Look Back In Anger.” The star styled her merch with mini shorts and slide sandals. It’s a striking look for a few reasons. First, the band choice itself: was Turner’s ode to the group inspired by a recent listen of Spotify’s ’90s playlist? Does she also have “Wonderwall” stuck in her head? Her fit also the perfect balance of what maternity style should be: it’s cute and comfy, with a dash of individuality. Jonas, meanwhile, wore a Hawaiian-print shirt with black jeans and sneakers—proving he, too, is making dad-to-be style cool. Let’s also talk about their coordinated face masks. Turner’s printed mask complemented Jonas’s galaxy-printed one by Werkshop. They didn’t match exactly (are couples meant to match masks now?) It’s only practical to buy masks in bulk; so why not double up on masks and start making it a couple style moment? Only time will tell if Jonas and Turner will start doing so. But for now, they’re clearly nailing the expectant parent look. Two years ago, when Andrea Kerzner—founder of the nonprofit Lalela, and daughter of South African super-hotelier Sol Kerzner—discovered how the meat industry was fueling climate change, she decided to open a casual plant-based restaurant that focused on the ultimate comfort food: burgers. She set out to find the best chef for the job, interviewing several candidates before finding Amanda Cohen, the executive chef and owner of Dirt Candy, an award-winning vegetarian restaurant that has been in New York City since 2008. “I met with Amanda and literally there and then I could see her passion for food,” says Kerzner. “Within 24 hours, she agreed to work with me.” The two set about creating Lekka (Afrikaans slang for “delicious”), an all-vegan restaurant that opens November 19th in Tribeca. The restaurant’s signature dish is a vegan burger, served five different ways. For Cohen, creating a plant-based burger required overcoming some of her own prejudices. “We haven’t had a burger ever on the menu at Dirt Candy. And I had been against it, to be brutally honest,” says Cohen. “
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