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Derek Carr DC-4 shirt .besteestores It’s certainly a dramatic start to acquire three Pro Bowl players in two days. But the strategy is both clever and pretty obvious – in all likelihood, Peyton Manning has one or two good years left in him. While the offense was hardly impressive in the Super Bowl, the Seahawks made the Broncos‘ biggest weakness very clear: their defense is weak, particularly in the secondary. Elway has a year or two to throw all his resources behind one goal. They can cross the post-Peyton salary cap bridge when they come to it. In the meantime they need to do exactly what Elway is doing – hire all the badass defenders they can find, while hoping Von Miller can return to 2012 form.

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Derek Carr DC-4 shirt .besteestores Elway was in a difficult position with regard to Champ Bailey’s free agency – he’s a future Hall of Fame CB universally adored by Denver fans – but he is perhaps past his prime and very expensive. Letting him go frees a lot of cap space for the current spending spree. The Broncos do have a few other needs. It looks like they’re going to lose Knowshon Moreno to free agency, which will leave them thin at RB. Losing WR Eric Decker is not the end of the world, but they will need another able set of hands to partner with Demaryius Thomas, Wes Welker and Andre Caldwell. In closing, so far, Elway and the Broncos front office has been doing a great job in making difficult decisions to support a very specific goal. Let’s see how they do from here, but so far this Broncos fan is proud.
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