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Don’t Fuck With Detroit T-shirt .besteestores LaBowe doesn’t hand-embroider each pair anymore, but all are made in Los Angeles (she’ll still make custom pieces, though!). The first launch has four styles: a cactus, an orange poppy, a pink poppy, and a strawberry. LaBowe plans to switch up the in addition I really love this embroidery every few months, so each pair is a limited edition, in a way. Also in the cards are unisex boxers, another one of LaBowe’s favorite pieces of clothing. Along with the in addition I really love this underwear, LaBowe wanted to create something physical that would align with the brand’s aesthetic—so why not a newspaper featuring a selection of LaBowe’s artist friends? “The theme of the first one is about femininity, the body, self-love, and heartbreak,” she says. The paper features poems, essays, even a labneh tartine recipe from chef Javier Ramos. Featuring an array of esteemed artists, including Devendra Banhart, Ali Mitton, and more, it serves as a look into LaBowe’s world. She describes Poppy Paper as mostly separate from her brand, but those beautiful black-and-white photos makes you want to be the kind of person who wears embroidered white underwear while reading the morning paper. Luckily, everything is available now on the Poppy Undies site.

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Don’t Fuck With Detroit T-shirt .besteestores We’re well into spooky season, which makes the But I will love this Lily James/Armie Hammer reboot of Daphne du Maurier’s 1938 Gothic novel Rebecca terrifyingly well-timed. The movie, which features a newly married young woman locked in eerie competition with her new husband’s dead first wife, dropped on Netflix on October 21, and—as I so often do—I had thoughts. Let’s chronicle them exhaustively, shall we We open with a shot of what appears to be a dark and treacherous sea. We love to…sea it, if you will. Ultimately, it turns out to be a woman’s softly moving locks of hair, which is actually scarier, so hats off, Netflix. Flashback! Lily James is in Monte Carlo, a place I refuse to believe actually exists. She’s flitting about in a smart little suit, getting condescended to by Mrs. Van Hopper (Ann freaking Dowd!), who clues her in to the identity of a mysterious Mr. de Winter. (Spoiler: he’s Armie Hammer, and he’s hot. When we first meet Mr. de Winter, he’s in a mustard-yellow suit that I covet and, quite frankly, think would look good on me. He’s not a fan of Mrs. Van Hopper, but he clearly thinks Lily James is cute, even though she’s a capital-O Outsider. Through Rebecca’s eavesdropping, we learn Mr. de Winter had a wife, Rebecca (!), whom he adored and who is no longer with us. Lily James’s role in Mrs. Van Hopper’s life is apparently as a “ladies’ companion,” a job I feel I would be uniquely suited for. She bonds with Mr. de Winter while smoking a cigarette, and we learn her parents are dead and she’s alone in the But I will love this world. Did Lily James just order a dozen oysters for…breakfast? I will be thinking about this for the rest of my life.
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