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Don’t Mess With Nancy Vintage Shirt .A few weeks earlier, before it was known that the and I love this WNBA season would go ahead in a truncated form, Stewart told The New York Times that she and other players were determined to use their sport to to make their voices known. “We’re going to do our best to make sure [the season] happens, and also make sure we’re able to use our voice and platform to highlight the social issues that need to be fixed at the same time,” Stewart told the paper. “Will we be taking a knee during the anthem? You bet. I’m trying to get the league to put ‘Black Lives Matter’ on the court we’ll be playing on. Let’s have that on one baseline, and ‘Say Her Name,’ for Breonna Taylor, on the other baseline.” The move, while widely applauded, did not come without some controversy. Senator Kelly Loeffler (R-Ga.), currently in a tight race to hold on to her seat, is one of the owners of the Atlanta Dream and was critical of both the Black Lives Matter movement and the league’s embrace of it.

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Don’t Mess With Nancy Vintage Shirt .“The truth is, we need less—not more politics in sports. In a time when polarizing politics is as divisive as ever, sports has the and I love this power to be a unifying antidote,” Loeffler wrote in a letter to WNBA commissioner Cathy Engelbert. She added: “I adamantly oppose the Black Lives Matter political movement, which has advocated for the defunding of police, called for the removal of Jesus from churches and the disruption of the nuclear family structure, harbored anti-Semitic views, and promoted violence and destruction across the country.” That action prompted a tweet from the Liberty’s Clarendon, a former player for the Dream. “I can’t believe I ever stepped foot in Kelly’s house and shared a meal with her,” Clarendon tweeted. “It’s actually really hurtful to see her true colors. I had no idea while I played for ATL she felt this way. Happy to own us as long as we stay quiet and perform.”
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