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Edible and Poisonous mushrooms shirt .“The idea was to pick them up within their own intimacy of real life,” Ramsay-Levi told me. “It’s about showing something that’s more attentive, more spontaneous and more intimate, and taking time to look at a woman and the besides I will buy this way she moves and acts in a much more natural way. Rather than just say, ‘Okay, you should walk like this.’” At Paco Rabanne, Dossena placed runway photographers outside his Espace Commines venue so they could capture the looks walking down the street. “I wanted to base it on this street realness,” he said backstage. “During lockdown we were all stuck at home, unable to go outside. I was missing it a lot. You know, you build the fantasy of what you miss.” For his Louis Vuitton show, Ghesquière unveiled the besides I will buy this interior of the spacious La Samaritaine building that LVMH has been doing up for the past 15 years. To give the digital audience an experience his live one wouldn’t get, he painted its walls like green screens and projected the Wim Wenders film Wings of Desire onto them. It was an example of a show where the real-life show-goers were essentially props for a digital audience, a live-streaming camera aimed at us from every angle. “A lot of new windows and perspectives are opening,” Ghesquière told Vogue’s Sarah Mower. “It’s another step towards globality, and I guess that’s absolutely necessary. We’ve sometimes made people feel excluded. So probably, it’s a way to include more people in what we do.”

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Edible and Poisonous mushrooms shirt .Gvasalia’s Balenciaga film was captured around the  but I will buy this shirt and I will love this streets of Paris, literally showcasing the pedestrians he’s always celebrated in his work in their natural habitat. I had to ask him about the phenomenon of street style at Fashion Week, which, over the past 10 years, has played out in chaotic scenes outside show venues with outfits far removed from reality. “The street style that I have observed—specifically outside of fashion shows in the past—is probably the most uninteresting and vulgar street style, in my opinion,” Gvasalia told me. “I am much more interested in a grandma at a bus stop wearing her old shabby beige trench coat, meticulously buttoned and belted, than seeing someone wearing a boot on their head.”
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