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Some people were Equality Los Angeles LA T-Shirt . warning that electing a woman president would mean that one week out of every month we’d have a President prone to wild, irrational mood swings due to her period. Now setting aside that there’s no proof Hillary has ever let any mood swing affect her professional life and that she’s likely past menopause anyway, at this point, it would be a huge step up if the President was only affected by wildly irrational mood swings one week per month! My own mother (certainly never a Republican).

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Equality Los Angeles LA T-Shirt Classic Women's T-shirt
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But it’s sad she thinks her own gender is somehow inferior Equality Los Angeles LA T-Shirt . Meanwhile, Trump will call any number a success because it’s not a bigger number. If 100,000 die, he’ll claim “well, it’s not a million so success!”Imagine the Republican hyperbole if Hillary Clinton bought lunch for her staff at a local pizzeria. She knows weak men hate strong women. She also didn’t flinch, even when a predator followed her around the debate stage, to intimidate her, in front of the whole world. I’m so glad Jacinda is my leader. After watching the video, it’s pretty clear he walked out because they were pinning him down (rightfully so!) with questions he didn’t want to answer. I can’t imagine he wouldn’t have walked out if the questions had come from men. Today Mitch McConnell said Obama was classless and should keep his mouth shut about Trump’s corona response. Republicans are shameless. Angela was my leader, and Jacinda runs the one I am living in now.
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