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Watched that recently God Bless America shirt . and love how it holds up and is introduced and developed along the movie, just a shame what happened to the franchise since then. Because of that, watching Interstellar I could really relate to the way Murph felt when Cooper left, and couldn’t help seeing myself and my dad in their close-knit relationship. I found Seven Samurai to be nearly perfect. Despite the language and cultural difference, I could relate to the characters, watch the development and get highs and lows through the story. I think as a standalone/start of a series, Spiderverse is better, but Endgame was 22 movies in the making, which is goddamn impressive.

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Came here to say Casablanca God Bless America shirt . Even is perfect down to the smallest character. Hell, I want a comic book about Louis and Rick’s further adventures. Coco because in my opinion they really nailed the Mexican culture and the story is so well thought. A movie with a serious message that never takes itself too seriously, which is somehow also making its point. I can quote that whole movie line for line. And the last game versus the Yankees always gets me hyped as fuck. I think it already is. it needs to be proven by time. But it’s hard to even fathom a more perfect, emotionally affecting scene. The whole movie is an audio masterpiece. And just a masterpiece in general. It’s the last movie I saw that gave me this lasting impression. There were so many layers and details from the story, design, the music. They also point out that they wanted it to look less cinematic and more like a comic book so they didn’t include motion blur or camera focus effects. This is the first movie in a really long time that reconnected me to my childhood. It was awe-inspiring and made me feel 10 years old again.
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