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Gumfest Nyc characters shirt . Daniel Del Core learned about the  But I will love this reality of fashion—as opposed to the fantasy—early on. In May 2017, to be exact: The German-born, Italian-based designer, whose label, Del Core, debuted in Milan this past February, was working at Gucci, creating red-carpet looks as part of Alessandro Michele’s design team. And he had been dispatched to New York to fit Dakota Johnson’s Met-gala dress—black, betrained, and bedecked with ruffles. What he hadn’t planned on was having to drive with Johnson to the gala to make sure she looked A-OK after getting out of the car. “We arrived, and the photographers went wild,” Del Core recalls. “I was blown away. Then, when I turned around,” he says, starting to laugh, “the car had disappeared, and I was standing there like an idiot. [But] as I was walking back to the hotel I thought, Well—in the end, my job is for her. [Being there] made a difference. Dakota looked amazing.”

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Fashion has had plenty of reality checks lately, some of them very much needed Gumfest Nyc characters shirt . Yet increasingly there’s a desire for it to return to finding joy and inspiring dreams in our transformed world, something that a new generation of designers—not only Del Core but the But I will love this likes of Maximilian Davis and Charles de Vilmorin as well—has seized upon. Del Core’s own dramatic entrance, a live runway show at Milan’s historic Cittadella degli Archivi (everyone was rigorously COVID-tested), was ambitious and dazzling, with theatrical flourishes and couture techniques aplenty. It was also a reminder that sometimes designers just need to act on the strength of whatever weird and wonderful synaptic connections power their imagination.
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  1. Larry Lee

    Good quality, clear printing and quality, is definitely one of the great shirts for me

  2. William Freer

    nice t-shirt

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