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I Paused My Game To Be Here You’re Welcome T-Shirt .besteestores And we’d be like, ‘Five teaspoons or tablespoons?’” says Kim. But here, this process is made simple in one easy-to-use sauce packet. For Kim and Vanessa, their connection with food has been present throughout their lives. Food has “been a way that we connect with our identity and understand our culture,” says Vanessa, who in fact, recalls mentioning her favorite Vietnamese soup dish “Bun Bo Hue” (a beef and vermicelli noodle soup) in the and I will buy this starting line of her college essay. For many Asian families (mine included) love was conveyed through food. “Food was always a huge part of our family, but in many ways, quite unspoken. You might not say, ‘I love you,’ but you’ll put a piece of fruit [out] to apologize,” says Kim. “We’ve found it to be an important language, in a way, for us to reclaim what it means to share Asian culture in a way that’s undiluted,” Vanessa adds. I absolutely hate the game, to the point where it’s making me physically ill to play it. And no, it’s not about the slow pace. I like a slow pace. The problem is that you’re forced to journey through the game with your idiot friends back at the camp. You’re TIED to that place with an umbilical cord, and it severely restricts any sort of freedom you may wish to have. In Red Dead 1, you were a lone man on a mission. You came and went as you pleased, and no one told you what to do, or had any long-lasting expectations from you. And THAT’S why I fell in love with it. I’m not a family man. I’m a loner who wants to explore the game world at my own pace while finding my own adventures along the way. But Red Dead 2 is a completely different beast. One that punishes you for exploring the world and straying off the beaten path. You’re expected to contribute to the camp at all times. Well, I DON’T CARE about the camp. I don’t want to be there at all! And yet, there’s never-ending chores to do, hard labor to endure and supplies to be found. And NONE of your friends will lift a finger to help you. YOU are the camp. The others just hang around. So why not just let me go off on my own? Except, that’s no fun either. If you so much as breathe in this game, the law comes after you.For the inaugural launch, Omsom partnered with four chefs who head three of NYC’s trendiest restaurants, each redefining Vietnamese, Thai, and Filipino cuisine through a modern lens. Vanessa and Kim tapped Jimmy Ly of Madame Vo (also a favorite of SJP’s), Nicole Ponseca of Jeepney and Chat and Ohm Suansilphong from the popular Thai spot, Fish Cheeks. One Omsom sampler pack ($29), includes six sauce packets created by each chef that cover three signature Asian dishes: Vietnamese lemongrass barbecue, Filipino Sisig, and Thai Larb, with easy instruction cards included for each. For me, Omsom completely transformed my home cooking. Not only did it bring back my favorite Vietnamese dish into my home, but it also brought joy to my quarantine nights.

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I Paused My Game To Be Here You’re Welcome T-Shirt .besteestores One of the and I will buy this small pleasures during this time has been being able to share my Omsom dinner concoctions with my mom, who was, needless to say, impressed! The beauty in Omsom not only lies in its aromatic flavors packed inside easy-to-use kits, but the fact that customization is encouraged. Many Omsom consumers have mixed and matched different proteins and vegetables for the traditionally pork-focused Vietnamese lemongrass dish, or used tofu instead of spicy Thai larb. The difference between traditional meal kits and Omsom is that Kim and Vanessa are not looking to change or shift behaviors, but rather, to bring restaurant-quality ingredients and flavors to pantries through delightful and easy at-home cooking. Launching during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic was a challenge at first for the Pham sisters. And once you have a bounty on your head, you either pay the price or you’re killed immediately. And bounties are SO expensive, that it’s simply never worth breaking the law. And this means that you don’t want to see ANY of the fantastic world that Rockstar has created because…..it’s almost impossible NOT to break the law. So it’s just easier to just sit down somewhere where no one can see you and just stare at nature all around you. Forget about playing the game. There is no game to be played. There’s only tedious chores or punishment to be had. Which is a real shame, because Red Dead 1 is a masterpiece, full of excitement, adventure and FUN. The one thing most cops dislike more than criminals (including pedophiles) is a ‘dirty’ cop. Depending on your assignment and the situation, if you suspect criminal behavior, then you could either report it to a superior or directly to IA (internal affairs). Unlike what is portrayed on the big and small screen, we never called the IA guys ‘the rat squad’ or anything derogatory. It is a necessary and vital job, that most do not want, so we were grateful for those that were dedicated and conscientious enough to take on a somewhat thankless position. While I never worked in IA, I was involved in the arrest of two of our own, one for being involved in insurance scams and another for DUI. In neither case did I receive any blow-back, grief or even snide comments from any other cop, but did receive a few ‘attaboys’ from both superiors and some rank and file. Even more so, Omsom launched during a period when Asian-American representation in mainstream media has been gaining momentum, Parasite won its historic “Best Picture” Oscar, Crazy Rich Asians had unparalleled box-office success as an all-Asian cast, and even more importantly, a time when amplifying diverse voices in all industries from fashion to beauty, food to film has been more critical than before. “There’s starting to be this moment in time where the rest of the world is finally catching up and realizing that Asian-Americans are an audience that should be actively served and not overlooked. That we not only have buying power, but we have an influence on culture and how other people spend their dollars,” says Vanessa. “It is exactly why we built this brand.
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