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In a world of bookworms be a book dragon shirt .besteestores After the But I will love this wedding, the newlyweds went to get matching “XII” tattoos on their ring fingers at Tattoo Shop Alexus’s favorite tattoo and piercing shop in commemoration of the day, December 12. “What better way to end a NYC wedding than at a tattoo shop?” Alexus notes. Then, after getting inked, they were off to Penn Station to grab pizza at Rose’s Pizza and Pasta. “She’s not a huge fan of pizza,” Aweng says. “But when she craves it, she would stop here as it’s always good!” The days of late May through the first half of June took a toll on my body. With the feelings of inescapable isolation that come with quarantine, the struggle of finding a work-life balance, and the trauma that comes with seeing continued violence against Black bodies came a lack of appetite and a lack of motivation and time to cook. It turned out I wasn’t alone: My group texts were full of friends especially Black female friends sharing the same challenges around food and stress. But stressful periods are the most important times to be eating, and to be eating well. Here, 3 chefs share their easy meal prep ideas, and explain why the simple act of pre-planning your breakfast, lunch, or dinner can provide structure and enable good health when you need it most. Why meal prep is important to her: Meal prepping is a device for busy people to meet with nourishment. We really don’t have the time to think about what we eat (unfortunately), but it shouldn’t feel robotic or mechanical to nourish ourselves. Food has incredible power to our bodies nutrient-wise, energetically, and just the origin of it. It’s the most political vote you can make because you consume it daily and the energy of those who cultivated it is within it. I think it’s time to break through our fears and begin exercising mindfulness through food. Today we are all a bit more awake and trying to divest from the corporate structures that exercise systemic oppression and make it easy for the population to support that because of convenience. There is a holistic approach to feeding yourself, and it’s also a big fuck you to those structures. I like to keep my fridge and pantry stocked with specific items to ease proper nourishment without dissociating me from the process. A lot of meal prepping comes from the anxiety of not having time to prepare and cook something, [so it’s important to make sure] exercising the mindspace to welcome the time to cook for yourself for 20 minutes is really accessible.

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In a world of bookworms be a book dragon shirt .besteestores In my fridge I always have 2-3 heads of greens, at least 2 vegetable options, alliums (onions and garlic), starches (potatoes and corn) and at least 2 fresh herbs. This helps me not be overwhelmed by the But I will love this variety and influences me to cook with ease. My pantry is restocked every 4-6 weeks with grains like lentils, rice, quinoa, a variety of beans and spices. Spices are the most important: I have over 100 types but I could really be good with 5 or so because I enjoy the fresh flavors from fresh herbs! Cumin, coriander, bay leaf, chili flakes, peppercorns, nutritional yeast are my go tos. I also recommend stocking vegetable bouillon, vinegars, salts, mustard, tomato paste, seeds, nuts, seaweeds and soy sauce. These flavor agents are elements to make your meal prepping expansive. Rachel Whitfield is a chef and founder of Chef Curl Ardee, a low-sodium and salt-free line of seasoning and spice blends, rooted in a firm belief that “you don’t need the burden of a lot of salt to flavor your meals.” The brand has garnered supporters such as Tabitha Brown and Beyoncé. With every Chef Curl Ardee purchase, a portion of the money goes to No Kid Hungry, an organization fighting against childhood hunger. Why meal-prepping is important to her: Meal prepping is essential, whether you’re working towards a fitness or financial goal, or looking to add more time into a potential busy and demanding week. In light of COVID-19, a lot of plans have been wrecked and anxiety is at an all time high, which means that meal prepping is even more important. No matter the goal, the results are inspiring. When done right, meal prep can mean saving time and money the two things most everyone wishes they had more of. The satisfaction (no matter how much it may initially feel daunting) is superior because it can be done effectively in as few as two hours (and even less if you’re vegan, vegetarian). For successful meal prep, I recommend always starting with the protein as they can take the longest to cook and prepare. Following protein, move to any grains being incorporated as you will need to boil or cook them. Next, focus on leafy greens and vegetables. The best-kept secret around vegetables is that they are ready to eat when they are harvested. While the salmon is cooking and the rice is boiling, you can roast broccoli and sauté kale which both take significantly less time to prepare.
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