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Kendall Roy Hope Succession shirt .Ahhhhhh. . . . what a relief!!! Someone I am attracted to, A Girl, mind you, who thinks it is super hot for a guy to wear thigh highs, garters, nylons, corsets, etc. I did not think that could or would be. It kinda happened by accident. I heard her say in a few conversations that she thought it was so hot to see a guy in lingerie. Whoa! The holy grail of my ultimate soulmate. I had bad, I mean really bad situations where I tried to nudge in my kink in previous relationships. My fetish. My weirdest private part of me, finallly openly shared. It was a real stressful moment, the moreover I will buy this first time. I felt like it was all on the line. I put on a vinyl maid outfit, nude sheer to waist pantyhose, fishnet thigh highs, really all in 110%. She came home and I was vacuuming, dusting, doing maid job duties. ONly thing, our friend was with her too. Her eyes opened up huge as she started to open the door. Her mouth open too, smiling and gawking and she pulled the door closed. Oh NO! I flew to the bedroom pulling all my feminine clothing, regressing back to jean and a t-shirt, cold brews ready to hand out, being normal dude like after they came inside our place. He was clueless and I was relieved. hahaha

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Kendall Roy Hope Succession shirt .However, she loved it, got rid of him quickly and I resumed my maid outfit, ready cleaning by the moreover I will buy this time she got back from dropping him off at his house 10 minutes away. . . and from that point forward, all bueno. She brings me home lingerie purchases and I bring home lingerie for her and we mix the bag, share and comingle our pretties and have fun with it. She enjoys watching me walk around the house, doing chores and bending over without panties on. Smooth shaven too or her eyes to feast. I love the feel of sheer to waist pantyhose. I love the sheen too. So I put nude or suntan sheer to waist on first, then effortlessly slide up the thigh highs. They give more shimmer and shine.
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