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Kindly Keyin shirt .besteestores I came into the series expecting another copy of Family Guy or further market saturation of an additional equally obnoxious anthropomorphic show. What I received was something remarkably poignant and wholly divergent from classic, archetypal cartoons. After a lukewarm reaction to season 1, I decided to continue watching the show, and here I am now on season 4. And I have to say, BoJack Horseman is now one of my favorite TV shows of the modern era. BoJack is relatable on a level not displayed in many other shows, and frankly, despite his “hollywoo” status, our main character is an apt reflection of the very basal nature of humanity.

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Kindly Keyin shirt .besteestores Even though Bojack does some pretty unforgivable things, it is surprisingly easy to sympathize with him because you see yourself mirrored in his behavior: the desire to be loved, the juxtaposition of selfishness and selflessness, and if you had done some of the stuff he had, wouldn’t you want someone to empathize with, and forgive you, too? Despite the fact that he’s a horse, his isolating depression, his sense of loneliness and the realization that he is not as young as he used to be, really hit a soft spot in me. I found myself laughing at the most inappropriate of times, and nearly crying at all the rest. It is astonishing how easily the show manages to plunge me into a fit of existential despair or a state of dire hopelessness. I mean, just listen to the song from the episode Fish out of Water:
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