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Sevens KISS – Rock ‘n’ Stars T-Shirt B07P8MS5ZK . We haven’t seen a lot of it recently . The last World Sevens Series event was almost a year and a half ago. One sport that was going to feel the full force of the pandemic was sevens. With men’s and women’s tournaments often combined – that’s 28 teams and staff from all over the globe descending on a city for a week.Covid didn’t just suspend proceedings, it made some unions disband their teams and put the entire abbreviated game at risk of a major dismantling or – worse – disappearance. But, everyone has found a way. New programmes, in the case of Great Britain, adapted, rolled with protocol and procedure. Though livelihoods and careers have been at stake, those at the core – the players and staff – have handled it amazingly.Their payoff is the Olympic Games. Last time in Rio, sevens’ debut was a roaring success. Amazing matches, countries not regulars on Olympic podiums taking medals and standards across the board sky-high. Huge endorsement by the IOC and World Rugby followed – it couldn’t have been any better.

KISS – Rock ‘n’ Stars T-Shirt B07P8MS5ZK, hoodie, sweater, longsleeve and ladies t-shirt

KISS - Rock 'n' Stars T- B07P8MS5ZK Classic Women's T-shirt
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KISS - Rock 'n' Stars T- B07P8MS5ZK Unisex Sweatshirt
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KISS - Rock 'n' Stars T- B07P8MS5ZK Unisex Hoodie
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We were all on debut in Rio KISS – Rock ‘n’ Stars T-Shirt B07P8MS5ZK . Coming to the Olympics for the first time can affect performance and some teams did underperform. This time, there are plenty of second-timers in the various teams and many will use their previous experiences as fuel to flourish on the field.Argentina’s men’s team are worth a mention. They missed a sitter of a drop-goal to move into the semi-finals last time and they come into these games having won all the preparatory tournaments they have entered. A podium place is very possible.Their victorious opponents that day were Great Britain. Since January both the GB men’s and women’s sides have been on full-time contracts and training at the world-class facilities at Loughborough University. Lottery funding stepped in and saved them. England’s Rugby Football Union and the Welsh Rugby Union disbanded their national programmes and the players and staff lost their jobs. Under the captaincy of the brilliant playmaker Tom Mitchell and with the game’s top try-scorer of all time, Dan Norton, still playing the house down, they will have a lot of reasons to prove those that disbanded their programmes wrong.
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