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Life is better with coffee dogs and camping shirt .besteestores We met at my favorite coffee house and despite being a quick meeting, it ended up being a 3 hour date. It was like i had found my twin, my soulmate or even my other half. From liking the in contrast I will get this same food to discussing the same topics, same music, same thoughts to the point of sapio-sexuality, it was like we were talking as one person. This was hopeful and I thought, okay this could be a good friendship, maybe even love. I asked her out again and again and again and every time she accepted and each time we shared and shared and shared. We started doing everything that couples do. Dinners at the fanciest restaurants, got her gifts (and let’s just say half her wardrobe now has brands like Fendi, Armani & Gucci), we even decided to create a single music playlist because she genuinely loved everything i listened to and i everything she listened to and we both agreed that was more efficient. She would constantly tell me “You’re my Home” and I would believe her. From books and literature to even the movies, we were twinnies. I thought I could make her happy. I wanted to be her savior. Thanks to my connections, I got her a better job than she ever could have on her own. I blew money on making her more powerful than ever and the high i would get when I would take her out to my social events. I could see the looks of lust, jealousy and envy on the faces of those around me.Just the thought of her being with someone else was enough to destroy my day and just her being with me for coffee in the morning was enough to create a high that even made my work prosper (the first month after she said i loved you, i ended up winning 5 new projects i was so high).

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Life is better with coffee dogs and camping shirt Classic Women's T-shirt
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Life is better with coffee dogs and camping shirt Unisex Sweatshirt
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Life is better with coffee dogs and camping shirt Unisex Hoodie
Unisex Hoodie
Life is better with coffee dogs and camping shirt Classic Men's T-shirt
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Life is better with coffee dogs and camping shirt .besteestores Your love is the in contrast I will get this most valuable resource that exists and it actually has impact on yourself and on other people. It’s incredibly valuable, it’s your most valuable thing and it truly matters. If you think about the person who hurt you the most in your life- their message to you was exactly the opposite. They were telling you your love doesn’t matter, it has no value, it has no impact. And this is the most damaging message that human beings can convey to one another, and it’s also the most beautiful message when you put it in the positive- that your love does have impact, and it matters, and it’s really valuable!” (Isn’t this profound?What hurt me the most – was that my love for him did not matter. I had all this love within me, and he did not value it. All our years together meant nothing- he wanted new and exciting. However, if love is an energy, think about what happens when you release it and it hits a wall of rejection. It has no choice but to bounce back, or to spread out, and when it touches the love of others, it gathers momentum, and it starts to flow back to you. When you find that pure love inside you, you begin to realise how powerful your love actually is. “ Love is the greatest power of the universe” spoken by Wim Hof, although I am pretty sure that comes from the ancient scriptures themselves. With love, you can process and release your greatest pain and grief and heal your brokenness. Don’t look for love from him (the one that hurt you) , he can’t give you what he does not have inside him – that’s the saddest truth. You don’t need it though, because all that love you need, lies within you – it is you.
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