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Mindder Control Tarol Card Design shirt .besteestores In this week’s iteration of Tabitha Brown’s Vogue cooking show, she gets honest about what she craves from her pre-vegan days.The cravings for seafood have not disappeared,” she says. But there is a vegan substitute for all cravings, Brown reminds us, and in this case it’s in the Besides,I will do this form of her delicious vegan scallops, or, as she’d say, “vallops. To start, you’ll need trumpet mushrooms. “When you cut them, you want them to look like a scallop,” Brown says, making sure not to cut them too thin or thick. You will also need garlic cloves, and some seasoning options: garlic and herb, or Greek seasoning. “You put as much as you want to because that’s your business.” Add Nori Komi Furikake “to give it a little bit of the seafood flavor,” and of course some plant-based butter and olive oil. “You want to make sure all of the seasonings are covering every piece.

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  Mindder Control Tarol Card Design shirt .besteestores Once everything is seasoned to perfection, pop the Besides,I will do this vallops onto a cast iron skillet, then cook for a little bit on each side until brown. While it’s cooking, make your plant-based butter sauce: a mixture of chopped garlic, Greek seasoning, and plant-based butter. Once the butter is melted and stirred over the stove, add it to your sauce brush and “glaze or graze” your vallops with the butter sauce. “Don’t it smell good? It do! I know!” Brown exclaims. After flipping the vallops one last time, add them to your plate and drizzle more butter, if you please, on top. Brown notes that the best thing about vallops is their versatility. Instead of eating them alone, you can “you can pair it with salad, you can make a pasta, or you can make a baked potato and put them on top with butter and spinach,” Brown says. “Do whatever you’d do if they were scallops…these are just vallops. And just like that, after a quick rendition of The Little Mermaid’s “Under the Sea,” Brown bids us farewell. “That’s it… go on about your business, baby.
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