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We are now fully through Peel Pride Form 2022 Shirt . seven months of 2019, and thus far we have been on quite a cinematic adventure this year. Hollywood has served up an interesting, diverse slate of movies from all kinds of genres for us to consume since early January, and while quite a significant number of the titles really haven’t been all that great, the same can’t be said for all of them. There have been more than a few films that we’ve actually really loved, and it’s those films we are here to celebrate today.Every year CinemaBlend maintains a screening log that tracks the various movies that members of our staff are seeing, along with their “out of five” rating – and this ranking is based on those statistics. In order to qualify, any movie not only had to have a high enough score, but also had to have been seen by at least four people on the team. So without further ado, let’s jump into the Top 10 films of 2019 so far…

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Interestingly, Riley Stearns’ The Art Of Self-Defense isn’t a movie that is really for everybody, as it’s a dark comedy that goes pitch black at times… but I suppose that just says something about the CinemaBlend staff and our tastes Peel Pride Form 2022 Shirt . The movie is deeply funny, perfectly stylized, and even has a good amount to say about toxic masculinity and how it affects both the individual and society. You can describe it as Wes Anderson’s Fight Club or the end result of what would happen if Jody Hill and Yorgos Lanthimos had a baby, but no matter what references you use, what’s most important to recognize is that it’s one of the year’s best comedies.Alexandre Aja’s Crawl is a movie that really came out of nowhere, primarily due to very limited press screenings, but it turns out to be one seriously late summer surprise. Its premise is as high-concept as they come – with a father and daughter trapped in a house during a hurricane and find themselves surrounded by alligators – and it’s a film that does a really fantastic job executing that simple premise. It has some legitimately shocking and scary moments, with just the right amount of carnage, but most importantly you really do find yourself caring about the characters. It’s a great little creature feature to be released in the midst of the on-going horror boom, and will surely wind up finding a cult audience as buzz about it is further shared among friends.
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