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Roy Keane draw shirt .besteestores The first is based on the eyes. Yoda and have normal humanoid eyes. BY has all black eyes. This is because he’s a clone commissioned by . A clone that was steeped in the Dark Side of the force. He could have intended it as a new apprentice, one he controlled down to the genes. Or it could have been a potential host for him in the future. The second one is more organic. The scene opens up in the Jedi Temple.  is waiting in a pile of silk sheets on the bed. Slow  jazz is playing. Candles are lit. The door opens to reveal Mace and the camera shifts off to the lights of … Then it’s a one on one duel between Yoda and . As you can see later in the film, Yoda and are near equals. He’ll probably still be jumping around when  arrives. Because let’s face it, is the superior duelist compared with Yoda.

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Roy Keane draw shirt Classic Women's T-shirt
Classic Women’s
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Unisex Sweatshirt
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Unisex Hoodie
Roy Keane draw shirt Classic Men's T-shirt
Classic Men’s
  Roy Keane draw shirt .besteestores OK, that’s controversial. Let’s assume Yoda is better by a slight margin. (Definitely not much). used a more aggressive form, which could also draw on Dark Side force that his opponent was using. Yoda’s best form, the only form that he can use to compete with , is not so intensively and would probably not be able to mow down opponents so fast. It doesn’t draw on the Dark Side. There’s reason to believe Yoda will take much longer to defeat (assuming he could). Stand aside and watch. If Yoda manages to win and tries to kill , steps in with a parry and shouts “He must stand trial!” begs to save him and reminds him of . Yoda says something to about detachment, which makes realize just how inhumane the Jedi is. He makes up his mind and beat Yoda with a collaborative effort from .
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