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“As the game goes on, as we continue Slam Elena Delle Donne shirt . to go through this process, we’re figuring out the difference between the international game and the game we play,” U.S. guard Damian Lillard said. “There’s been moments where we’re all looking around saying ‘what’s going on?’ We’re learning on the fly.”Zone defense is a big part of the international game; NBA teams play zone as well, but with the twist that the defensive 3-second rule still applies. That rule isn’t in the FIBA book, so teams can pack the paint for the entirety of a defensive possession if so inclined.There are other little differences as well, such as how backcourt fouls are whistled and what constitutes a travel.“Everybody is learning,” Nigeria coach Mike Brown said. “Including me.”

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What the Americans are learning is that Rubio was right Slam Elena Delle Donne shirt . The game is the same — just very different.“I think the different rules are going to be an adjustment,” U.S. forward Jerami Grant said. “But that’s what we’re here working on right now. We’ve got a great group of guys, certainly a talented group of guys and we’re learning pretty fast.”Suggs played quarterback and defensive back at Minnehaha Academy in Minneapolis, leading the private Christian school to a state championship as a junior. He said he received scholarship offers from Ohio State, Notre Dame, Nebraska, Michigan State, Iowa, Georgia and Alabama.“He definitely would’ve been a Power Five quarterback,” Minnehaha football coach Chris Goodwin said. “I know he really deliberated about it and that surprised some people because he’s so elite in basketball. I think he made the right decision.”Gonzaga hasn’t had a football team since 1941, so there were no temptations for Suggs going to a basketball powerhouse.“I had no distractions,” he said. “I didn’t have to walk past the football facility and have it looking at me every day because I know that if I did, I would have taken that left or right into the stadium and I would have gone in and done something with the football team. But I wouldn’t take anything back. My experience at Gonzaga was second to none. It was amazing and I enjoyed it.”
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