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Don’t play dumb, I know you aren’t dumb Sloth jutro 2021 shirt . Do you try to make me believe you didn’t know that WOTB supports the FOX narrative that Seth Rich was murder by Dems to hide their misbehavior??? Come on!! I’m pretty sure you commented on one of my posts on the subject. It was pretty. Because they put it in democrats ass before!!! What a hypocrisy for “progressive” LOL! And it shows pretty much what I accuse you of blind partisanship, the core problem of US politics today. The only way to go past this is for people to talk, but Americans are going the opposite way, reclude themselves in a tighter and tighter echo chamber by avoiding any debate.

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Sloth jutro 2021 Unisex Sweatshirt
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Sloth jutro 2021 Cloth Face Mask
Cloth Face Mask

Ask if he’s ever seen ’em jump around in that skillet, or jump out of it, having been freshly caught, de-legged, & cut off from their bodies, to be cooked Sloth jutro 2021 shirt . You have difficulty with context. Let me help. While some people suspect Dem involvement in Seth Rich’s murder. Most people are discussing the lack of and the need for a . Or discussion toward a real investigation and find it highly suspicious that so much effort has been spent to thwart any investigation. Because you all refuse to talk about the multiple points I brought. Look at your responses, FThumb tried to play dumb on my comment with Seth Rich. And still, try to excuse the conspiracist theory that goes rampant here. Hateful theory against democrat that doesn’t have any factual base. But you’re probably the last person to know what a debate is, from the start you didn’t bring any constructive point or argument, only insults toward me… And mostly by repeating what the two other mods have already said. Hahaha, yeah, I really laugh at that image! How low did you go when a vast majority here took FOX. Who is known to spread lies against democrats by any!! LOL. FOX News, the “Fair and balanced” network! You know what I meant when I talked about blind partisanship, it is exactly like that.
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