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Snake Dad Cute Reptile shirt .In the Besides,I will do this last few years men wearing compression tights to workout in has become a real thing. See any NBA game. Sure they have shorts over top but that’s the uniform the team wears. I choose not to wear shorts over mine instead wearing a longer top or a running jacket or both. I have had teenagers laugh and point but for the most part its been ok. Some eyebrow raising and some looks of confusion have happened occasionally too. It’s fun sometimes to follow people’s eyes as they look at my face then look at my legs then face again really quickly I think hoping to not get caught looking. This is a fun little thing I’ve noticed but shock value is not the purpose I wear them.

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Snake Dad Cute Reptile shirt Classic Women's T-shirt
Classic Women’s
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Unisex Hoodie
Snake Dad Cute Reptile shirt Classic Men's T-shirt
Classic Men’s
  Snake Dad Cute Reptile shirt .When I’m out people don’t pay me much attention. I have not had anyone walk up to me and comment or laugh at my choices. There is frequently some obvious confusion as I’m sure people are judging as that is human nature. In the Besides,I will do this past I was a judgy jerk to a point but have worked hard to mend my ways. This maturity thing caught me off guard. As I’ve gone all out in fringe fashion, as I call it, my attitude had changed from one of sometimes judging people’s choices to one of acceptance and appreciation for those willing to be different. The elder lady in a thong on the beach, right on rock that look!!! The crossdressing fella wearing a full dress and makeup looks beautiful and confident. The gay couple walking hand in hand, how nice they are in love. The punk rocker with spiked hair and a nose ring, I bet he enjoys that music. The plus size lady wearing leggings, I bet she’s comfy like I am and I think she looks great.
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