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That’s all according to a BuzzFeed News report that Staxx galaxxy shirt . among other bombshells, reveals USA Fencing’s attempt to reach a compromise with a “safety plan” to protect fencers – not least two women who were signatories on the USOPC letter – from Hadzic, who was prohibited from international competition as recently as last month before a successful appeal. The plan included flying him to Tokyo apart from his teammates, excluding him from the opening ceremony’s parade of nations and putting him up in a hotel about 25 minutes from the athletes village. And when Hadzic further appealed those restrictions (“I don’t have the experience that I earned,” he lamented to USA Today), Team USA’s entire roster of fencers signed another letter demanding they stay in place.While Hadzic denies the allegations against him, the USOPC and USA Fencing ducked blame – telling BuzzFeed News that the authority to determine Hadzic’s Olympic eligibility rested with the United States Center for SafeSport, a body charged with protecting young athletes from sexual, emotional and physical abuse following the conviction of former USA Gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar.

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But despite formal reports from three women about Hadzic and 10 more testifying to a decade-long history of alleged sexual predation that includes an investigation that resulted in a six-month ban from Columbia University while he was a member of their team, the best SafeSport could do was temporarily suspend him for the month of June as their fact-finding continues Staxx galaxxy shirt . And as much as it helps to be thorough about allegations of this nature, at this point you have to wonder what else the SafeSport leadership team needs to see.What’s more, Olympic athletes have been disciplined for less. US hammer thrower Gwen Berry became a Kaepernick-sized strawwoman after daring to raise a fist during the national anthem at the 2019 Pan Am Games, a protest act that resulted in a year-long probation and tens of thousands of dollars in lost sponsorship. John Carlos, a father of the Olympic protest movement, hasn’t received so much as an apology from the IOC since it all but ended his career and Tommie Smith’s when the two sprinters were in their primes. And all because their black power homage in the summer of 1968 was deemed more offensive than the Nazi salutes of the summer of 1936. “I confronted the IOC about an apology,” Carlos told the Guardian’s Etan Thomas. “They told me: ‘We didn’t do anything to you. The United State Olympic Committee did that to you.’” Not surprisingly, the USOPC hasn’t apologized either.
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