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Tame Impala Currents shirt .besteestores Coronavirus is just a category of viruses, and there are many of them. The coronavirus that cats get, feline coronavirus, has been known about for some time, is usually fairly benign for the cat (feline coronavirus can mutate into FIP in cats, but that is infrequent), and is a different strain from the human coronavirus currently in the news. There are no documented cases of feline coronavirus passing to humans from cats. The coronavirus currently in the news is not currently believed to originate in cats. There is a well known form of corona virus in cats (FECV), but to date there is no indication that the current human COVID-19 is transferable to cats, nor is it thought that FECV can be transferred to humans. The feline form is usually a fairly mild GI tract infection and occurs world wide in domestic cat populations, particularly kittens.

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Tame Impala Currents shirt .besteestores There is not, to date a vaccination, and treatment is usually supportive. In most cases the afflicted feline will shed the virus over a period of 2 to 10 months and have no further troubles, although in a few instances it might lead to development of the potentially fatal Feline infectious peritonitis. The answer is still TBD. The initial suspicion was illegal sales of wild animals at a wet market. You apparently have no idea of what a Chinese wet market is from your ‘facts’ in your question. The term comes from the fact that fresh vegetables, fish, pork, and poultry are the mainstay of this type of open market vs a ‘dry’ market where things like dried goods are sold.
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