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The Pride Of Puerto Rico shirt .I can’t tell you why but I can tell you that it’s wrong and it’s not your fault at all the moreover I love this fact that your dad is looking at you sexually whilst Knowing damn well that he’s your father is his fucking problem once you turn 18 you should get out of that toxic household and wear whatever you want He could be worried about your safety or feel your clothing choices aren’t appropriate for your age or disapprove of your clothing choices because they don’t look professional/school or work appropriate. Avoid sitting in front of your dad , even if you sit , wrap a bedsheet around you to cover up the legs and whole body , so that your legs or butt are covered , which hopefully will send a message , that you know what s up. If he asks you ,assertively politely tell him, you do not like people staring at your legs and bum ,and you feel very uncomfortable . Discuss with your mom ,ask her not to precipitate or blow the roof off, but to explain to dad ,that a growing up girl could be very sensitive , uncomfortable and self conscious to people staring at her anatomy , and that he should be careful , even inadvertently not to stare ,but to respect her as a daughter, and not create a misunderstanding or mis-judgement.

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  The Pride Of Puerto Rico shirt .If things do not change , be assertive ,speak up your mind ,stand up for your self respect and rights , and request dad please not to stare at you , to respect you just as you respect him , and tell him that you feel very uncomfortable and emotionally disrupted , being stared at by her father , tell him you feel very insecure being around him, say how fed up you are at people staring at you all day outside ,and cannot stand it happening at home as well. Apologize for being straight ,say sorry for hurting you , and that you know it could be a feeling may be wrong ,but it is something you had to get off your mind . Stop ,wait, listen , respond with confidence.
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