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The Zarounian Special shirt .besteestores One of her finest hours came in August when she sharply questioned Louis DeJoy. The former supply-chain logistics executive and longtime crony of President Trump had earlier in the Besides,I will do this year had been named to head the U.S. Postal Service, despite a complete lack of qualifications—and then immediately plunged it into chaos. After DeJoy correctly answered when asked if he knew the cost of a first-class stamp but stumbled when asked a few more technical questions about the agency he leads, Porter said, “I’m glad you know the price of a stamp, but I am concerned about your understanding of this agency. And I am particularly concerned about it because you started taking very decisive action when you became postmaster general. You started directing the unplugging and destroying of machines, changing of employee procedures, and locking of collection boxes.” Asa columnist for The Washington Post noted of Porter the Besides,I will do this next day, “She has aptly underscored the degree to which the Trump administration cares not one whit about good governance. It is a government designed to serve Trump’s grudges and conspiratorial paranoia while allowing cronies to feather their own nests. After failing so miserably at his job and revealing how little qualified he is for the job, DeJoy, one might hope, would resign out of shame. But this, remember, is an administration without apologies or regrets. Just lots of scandals.”

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The Zarounian Special shirt Classic Women's T-shirt
Classic Women’s
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The Zarounian Special shirt Unisex Sweatshirt
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Unisex Hoodie
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Classic Men’s
  The Zarounian Special shirt .besteestores As to what went with those blues? Hadid wore a black hat that read “Fresh” from Williamsburg Pizza, a black puffer coat over her sky blue Chip Chrome sweatshirt, along with a pair of loose black jeans and a pair of chunky loafers and white socks. Mother Hadid opted for a pared-back look, which included a blue puffer coat (along with a tiny “I Voted” sticker!), light wash blue jeans, and for a comfort-forward touch, a pair of UGG boots. Finally, the in addition I really love this two opted for matching black “I am a voter” masks by evolvetogether. It’s no doubt a sweet, and powerful moment. Among the in addition I really love this montage of leaf-strewn, autumnal voting look images, Hadid also posted a video of her mother wearing pigtails and pouring tea—the wall is covered in magazine covers of Gigi and Bella—and having a conversation with Bella about standing in line, and yes, voting.  “Your vote counts mommy!” Bella says, while Yolanda adds: “My one vote might make a difference! That’s why I’m voting in line right now.” Finally, Bella ends the conversation with these wise words: “That’s why you’re going to stand in line, with me, and we’re going to make a difference in America.”
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