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uneteenth Jersey 1865 T-Shirt .besteestores I have strong opinions about his policies, but let’s just stick to the personal dimension. Can we agree that all of the following are bad? And can you show me that any of them are false? He’s mean to people. Calls them names, makes fun of them. On live TV. He barged into backstage dressing rooms when he ran the Miss Universe contest, to stare at the teenage contestants’ naked bodies. He bragged about it later. Do you have any friends who would do that? He lies. Like, all the time. Even about petty things, like how many people attended his inauguration, or how often he was on the cover of Time Magazine. Not just about himself, either. Remember when he said his investigators had come up with proof that Obama wasn’t born in the USA? And then never delivered? Would a good man lie about the President?

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  uneteenth Jersey 1865 T-Shirt .besteestores He breaks promises all the time. Will Mexico pay for the wall? Nope. He has been sued by literally over 3,000 contractors and vendors for flatly refusing to pay them, without excuse. He ended up paying off most of them and/or discharging the claim in bankruptcy. I have developer clients, and contractor clients. There’s often some disgruntlement when a project goes bad. But this amount of litigation is grossly abnormal. He encourages people at his rallies to jeer at and even hit people he disapproves of then and there. And they do. And he keeps encouraging them. Would you do that? He lacks the decency to fire people to their face. James Comey, for instance, heard he was fired on CNN.
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